Interesting news from the digital world.

If you currently work in the digital sector then you should constantly be keeping up to date with digital industry news.  In this post I will outline some of the main stories that are hitting the news right now.

This is also quite useful for anyone who is considering a career in the digital industry because it might develop interest in the field.  Careers in Digital Media can be very rewarding and exciting and allow you to express your creativity.

Take a look at some of the stories below and if any of them are of particular interest then you should search for them online.  There are some great Digital Industry Jobs outlined below.

  • Digital industry submits privacy data. They have contacted the Internet Advertising Bureau.  The two organisations are trying to find a reasonable balance between safeguarding maintaining privacy and customising the online experience.
  • New technology could potentially save the music business.  It has been made clear recently by bank lenders that there is still hope for the music industry.  The growing digital industry will continue to grow online music sales.
  • UK Film Council releases statistical yearbook in digital format.  This years film industry information and statistics report has been delivered fully in a digital format.
  • The times charges for digital content.  Fans of The Times Online now have to pay to see content.  This is a revolution for online content and it will be interesting to see which newspapers follow suit.
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