Sales Jobs in Food.

If you enjoy working in sales then maybe you should consider a career in food sales.  You will be surprised by the sheer range of different sales jobs within this industry.  There are so many different brands to work for and some truly great opportunities.  Jobs in Food is a growing area and you should consider working in this sector.

Some of the sales roles in this industry are actually pretty similar to other industries.  For example, you may have experience of events sales.  You can take your experience to the next level by taken on the challenge of selling a food event.  You could be working on the next food conference, celebrity chef event or even a food networking event.  It is certainly a career worth considering where you can discover a whole host of new sales roles that you might not have considered before.

You may enjoy working as part of a restaurant, selling and marketing the restaurant and its food.  Or perhaps there is a specific food brand that you love and would relish the opportunity to sell and promote their products.

Obviously if you want to work in the hospitality or food sector then you need to know the industry.  One of the great things about both these industries is that there are plenty of entry level positions and job opportunities that will allow you to get the relevant work experience that you need.   You will need to understand where to place your product and have extensive knowledge of other competitors in the food industry.

Selling is an art, and it certainly takes a great deal of determination and dedication.  What makes this easier is if you truly believe in the product that you are selling.  Therefore, if you have a natural interest in the food industry then you will get good results because you passion will shine through.  You could also think about applying for some relevant FMCG Sales Jobs.

You might be wondering what sort of food sales jobs are out there at the moment.  It will be easier for you to understand the range of opportunities available if you can see what type of food sales jobs there are.  Take a look at the different job roles below and see if any of them catch your eye.  Don’t worry if you don’t have exactly the right skills or experience yet, you can achieve that with a little determination and the desire to learn.  Here are some examples of some food sales jobs:

  • Hotel Sales Executive
  • Conference Sales Assistant
  • Head of food events
  • Brand sales executive
  • Food events sales coordinator
  • Restaurant Sales Manager
  • Technical Sales Manager
  • Business development Manager
  • National Account Executive
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