The Process of Outplacement.

Many organisations go through significant structural change on a regular basis and it is certainly not always an easy process.  There are lots of different factors that need to be taken into consideration and several different ways of approaching outplacement.  Some companies choose to manage organisational change in house and this can sometimes be successful.  However, there are times when it is much more sensible to get an outplacement company in to control and manage the situation.

Outplacement Services have officially been around for about 30 years.  It is a fairly new profession that employers and organisations are beginning to respect and utilise.  Outplacement services are usually used when a company is rightsizing, downsizing, restructuring or cutting jobs.

Being made redundant can be an extremely stressful situation and can be quite traumatic for certain individuals.  It helps if they can access career guidance and have one on one sessions with an outplacement specialist.  This will point them in the right direction and give them the tools and confidence to go through a career transition.  Some people also need access to things like psychological support and advice.

Outplacement also takes some of the stress away from the employer, as they don’t have to deal with as many awkward situations and can approach things in an organised and professional manor.

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