An Introduction to Human Resources

The precarious placement of HR jobs between senior management and the everyday worker often makes these positions relatively high stress jobs, though it really depends on the organization and its outlook toward its own employees. Many who work in human resources are willing to accept the stress of the job though, as they are also able to do a lot of good and make a real and positive difference in the lives of the organization’s employees.

Human resources is a dynamic field in which there are a variety of jobs to choose from. Positions range from entry level to top management.

In larger organizations, there may be multiple HR managers in charge of different human resources functions or different HR offices in various branch locations of the business. These types of HR manager jobs oversee all aspects of the branch office activities or are responsible for managing the function and the staff members who work on a particular function. For example, benefits managers will have direct reports as well as primary responsibility for all aspects of employee benefits for the entire business.

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