Tips on what to do whilst looking for a hospitality job.

Apply to a high volume of relevant jobs and if you get interviews, see them as an excellent opportunity to practise your interview skills and learn more about the hospitality industry.  It is always great to get to the interview stage, try not to be too disheartened if you get a few rejections.  You just need to find the right hospitality employer that will appreciate the skills you have.  Ask the interviewees for tips and how you can improve your CV.  This will help you to get the very best Hospitality Jobs by knowing what employers want.

Another great tip is to subscribe to relevant job bulletins.  You can get the top hospitality jobs sent straight to your email.  These emails will only contain jobs that are perfect for you and meet the criteria you have asked for.

Hospitality industry professionals will certainly be impressed if you go the extra mile and make the effort to phone them directly.  Phone some major industry players on spec and you never know, you could be surprised by the results.  They may not have an opportunity at the time of your call, but if something comes up then you will be fresh in their mind.

Perhaps you have worked in a specific area of the hospitality sector, but you want to spread your wings and try something slightly different.  You can always re-train for an alternative career within the same industry.  You will still have a great deal of transferable skills and your knowledge of the hospitality industry will impress potential employers.  Lots of people are now deciding to change their careers and explore other options.  It won’t always be easy, you will have to put extra time and effort in but you will see the rewards in the end by being granted a new opportunity and a fresh start.  For example, you could try doing some Hospitality Job Chef Work.

If you are looking for a job and are currently out of work then things can get frustrating and you can get bored and complacent.  One of the best ways to cope with this is to make the most of your spare time.  If you feel a little lost, think about what you could do to improve your chances of getting a job.  Perhaps do some research into the industry or email a few key industry contacts.

Try some entry level positions while you are looking for work.  This will allow you to do something positive on a part time basis.  For example you could work in a restaurant, take on a reception role or even work as a sales assistant.  Whilst you are doing this, try to do lots of small things that will boost your CV as often as possible.

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Examples of Food Marketing Jobs.

Marketing is such a broad area to specialise in because it covers so many different things and can be applied to almost any company.  You may have a marketing qualification or even a few years of marketing experience.  But how do you set yourself apart from the competition?

One of the best things you can do in today’s tough job market is to make yourself different.  You can achieve this by specialising in a niche area that is of particular interest to you.  Not only will this give you an unusual skill but there is likely to be less competition for jobs.  Think of just how many people will be applying for a marketing job at the moment?  You will come up against lots of talented individuals with years of general marketing experience.  You should consider a more specific role, why not try applying for some Food Marketing Jobs.

The food industry could be a serious option for anyone wanting to pursue a marketing career.  It is actually an industry where marketing can flourish and have a real impact on success.  Think about the range of food brands and just how much money, time and effort they put into marketing and advertising.  They need to catch the consumer’s attention and fight for survival in a highly competitive world.  That is why marketing is vital to any food brand that intends to be successful.  If you have the skills and talent to deliver a high quality marketing campaign, then maybe you should think about using your skills within the food industry.  There are also some great Food Retail Jobs where you will be able to apply your marketing skills.

The real question is, what marketing jobs are available in the food industry right now?  If you are considering this as a career then you need to be made aware of how many different job opportunities there.  Take a look at the list below and see if any of the jobs are relevant to your career goals.  It is useful to keep an open mind because you could discover a job role that you hadn’t considered before but could be good at.   Here are just some of the food marketing jobs available right now.

Examples of Food Marketing Jobs

  • Hotel Marketing
  • Assistant food Brand Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Marketing Manager – Soft drinks
  • Customer Marketing Manager
  • FMCG Marketing Manager
  • Shopper Marketing Assistant
  • Trade Marketing Executive
  • Online Food Marketing
  • Strategy and Insight Manager
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Food CRM Manager
  • European Marketing and PR Manager
  • Food Product Manager
  • Shopper Activation manager
  • Brand Marketing Manager
  • Head of Communication
  • Food Client Services Manager
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Sales Jobs in Food.

If you enjoy working in sales then maybe you should consider a career in food sales.  You will be surprised by the sheer range of different sales jobs within this industry.  There are so many different brands to work for and some truly great opportunities.  Jobs in Food is a growing area and you should consider working in this sector.

Some of the sales roles in this industry are actually pretty similar to other industries.  For example, you may have experience of events sales.  You can take your experience to the next level by taken on the challenge of selling a food event.  You could be working on the next food conference, celebrity chef event or even a food networking event.  It is certainly a career worth considering where you can discover a whole host of new sales roles that you might not have considered before.

You may enjoy working as part of a restaurant, selling and marketing the restaurant and its food.  Or perhaps there is a specific food brand that you love and would relish the opportunity to sell and promote their products.

Obviously if you want to work in the hospitality or food sector then you need to know the industry.  One of the great things about both these industries is that there are plenty of entry level positions and job opportunities that will allow you to get the relevant work experience that you need.   You will need to understand where to place your product and have extensive knowledge of other competitors in the food industry.

Selling is an art, and it certainly takes a great deal of determination and dedication.  What makes this easier is if you truly believe in the product that you are selling.  Therefore, if you have a natural interest in the food industry then you will get good results because you passion will shine through.  You could also think about applying for some relevant FMCG Sales Jobs.

You might be wondering what sort of food sales jobs are out there at the moment.  It will be easier for you to understand the range of opportunities available if you can see what type of food sales jobs there are.  Take a look at the different job roles below and see if any of them catch your eye.  Don’t worry if you don’t have exactly the right skills or experience yet, you can achieve that with a little determination and the desire to learn.  Here are some examples of some food sales jobs:

  • Hotel Sales Executive
  • Conference Sales Assistant
  • Head of food events
  • Brand sales executive
  • Food events sales coordinator
  • Restaurant Sales Manager
  • Technical Sales Manager
  • Business development Manager
  • National Account Executive
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The history of TRS Staffing Solutions.

If you are looking for a specialist engineering employment company then TRS are respected industry leaders.  The company has been established for over 25 years and the first office in the UK was set up in 1984.

TRS have substantial experience of sourcing and supplying designers, engineers, project managers and a wide range of different technical specialists.  They have developed the resources to be able to place candidates into a range of industries located all over the world.  One of the reasons that they are able to do this is because they have grown so fast and consequently have 17 offices around the world in top engineering locations.

By having offices in each major location, TRS staff have been able to develop local knowledge and expertise.  This means that they can place the right candidate in the right role every time.  Their knowledge of the technical and engineer sectors is vast and they have the experience to back it up.

TRS work with both candidates and employers and can provide very tailored solutions.  Whether you are a talented engineer looking to relocate or a technical employer TRS will be able to offer a complete resourcing service.  Each client is different and requires a specific solution and TRS deliver this by provided an excellent service all over the world to a diverse range of clients.

Considering it is particularly hard to find work at the moment in some locations, many candidates are settling for roles that they are not happy in.  TRS understand that it is not just about finding a suitable job, it is about finding a job that is a perfect fit.

Talented engineers who have relevant experience should be able to find their dream job, and TRS can help them to do this.  Due to their extensive experience in relevant industries, they have built up a vast list of useful contacts and partnerships over the years.  Some of their clients are leaders in their field.  TRS have great relationships with the best engineering companies worldwide so if you are a candidate looking for a job, you won’t be short of high quality employers who are willing to snatch you up.

If you take a look at their job search page and perform a quick search into the types of roles that you are looking for you will be presented with a good choice range.  They have built up a long list of contacts across different fields and industries so you should have some great projects and job roles to choose from.   If you do a general search you will find out that there are hundreds of jobs available.

The specialist areas that TRS focus on include the chemical, energy, rail, infrastructure and life science industries.  If you are looking to work on a contract basis then TRS provide plenty of positions that fulfil this need.  They also recruit for lots of full time positions with highly respected and successful companies.  It is understandable that some companies require candidates quickly in order to successfully complete large-scale projects.  As a result of this, TRS have a talented engineering candidate pool to choose from and can supply the right people for the job very quickly.

The main reason why TRS Staffing Solutions was set up in the first place was to provide engineering workers to a successful US EPCM contractor for a range of projects worldwide.  This company needed a big, flexible workforce with brilliant professional, engineering and technical skills and TRS were the best people to deliver this service.   Some of these skills are particularly hard to find and it takes a high level of dedication and accuracy to locate the right candidates.  It was when TRS started to consistently deliver people with very niche skills that other companies realised how valuable their service was and came on board.

One of the reasons why TRS have become so successful over the years is because of their ability to build strong long-term relationships with major players in the engineering industry.   They also try to employ staff with extensive head hunting experience, participate in pro-active networking and utilise effective advertising.  The combination of these strategies allows them to deliver the best service in their field.

Below we go through the offices that we have around the world for TRS Staffing Solutions:

Engineering Employment in the UK

At the moment, TRS UK have roughly 900 candidates working on lots of different and interesting projects.

TRS UK now manage 271 second tier-vendor agency suppliers internationally.

The main office for TRS UK is located in London which is an excellent location for recruiting all over the UK.

Engineering Employment in the USA

The number of placed contract candidates in the US is around 1,200.  The offices in the USA are located in California, South Carolina, Texas and New Jersey.

Engineering Employment in Canada

The TRS team in Canada work in a slightly different range of industries.  Some of the main areas that they specialise in include petrochemicals, chemicals, gas and oil, minerals and mining, tar sands, heavy industrial, construction and power generation.  If you are looking for something specific or perhaps a little different then maybe you should consider searching for your dream job in Canada.   The main offices in Canada are located in Calgary.

Engineering Employment in Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rican teams mainly focus on areas such as infrastructure, life sciences and petrochemical production.  The office in Puerto Rico was formed in 2000 after TRS recognised a demand for supplying technical staff throughout the country.

The main office in Puerto Rico is located in Guaynabo.

Engineering Employment in Ireland

The Irish TRS team mainly works in renewable energy, manufacturing, life sciences, power generation, rail infrastructure and the manufacturing industry.   The offices in Ireland are located in Dublin.

Engineering Employment in Spain

TRS have two offices in Spain.  They are located in Asturias and Madrid.

Engineering Employment in the Netherlands

The team in the Netherlands place candidates in the rail and infrastructure, chemical, gas and energy industries.  Their offices are located in Haarlem and Bergen op Zoom.

Engineering Employment in South Africa

TRS South Africa are members of two special organisations.  They are members of the Association of Personnel Service Organisation of South Africa and the Temporary Employment Services Division.   This means that they meet ethical and labour regulations that are specific to South Africa.

Engineering Employment in the Middle East

TRS in the Middle East have formed a partnership with The Al Masaood Group who have employees throughout 35 business units.  The main industries that TRS recruit for in the Middle East are the energy, chemicals, rail and infrastructure industries.   Their main office is in Abu Dhabi.

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Penna are leader’s in the UK market and this is because they have the ability to deliver the highest quality service in their field.  They provide specialist outplacement advice that guides your staff into finding their next career move quickly and easily.  When going through outplacement it is important to think about how the people who are staying feel.  You need to keep motivation and send a positive message out to the rest of the company.

They offer a strong range of outplacement services that will help you find a solutions to your problems.  Penna will provide advice to both you and your employees throughout the whole process.  Even if the process continues on longer than expected and employees need advice after the outplacement has finished.  Penna aim to support your company no matter how long it takes.   It is important that these services are tailored specifically to each company and Penna have experience dealing with a wide range of different organisations.

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Interesting news from the digital world.

If you currently work in the digital sector then you should constantly be keeping up to date with digital industry news.  In this post I will outline some of the main stories that are hitting the news right now.

This is also quite useful for anyone who is considering a career in the digital industry because it might develop interest in the field.  Careers in Digital Media can be very rewarding and exciting and allow you to express your creativity.

Take a look at some of the stories below and if any of them are of particular interest then you should search for them online.  There are some great Digital Industry Jobs outlined below.

  • Digital industry submits privacy data. They have contacted the Internet Advertising Bureau.  The two organisations are trying to find a reasonable balance between safeguarding maintaining privacy and customising the online experience.
  • New technology could potentially save the music business.  It has been made clear recently by bank lenders that there is still hope for the music industry.  The growing digital industry will continue to grow online music sales.
  • UK Film Council releases statistical yearbook in digital format.  This years film industry information and statistics report has been delivered fully in a digital format.
  • The times charges for digital content.  Fans of The Times Online now have to pay to see content.  This is a revolution for online content and it will be interesting to see which newspapers follow suit.
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How to find an Engineer in the Middle East.

The internet contains so much information that it is sometimes hard to find exactly what you are looking for. If you are a recruiter looking for the most talented engineers, where do you find them? There are many different places to look but one of the most useful is an engineering recruitment website. The reality is that you need someone who knows the engineering industry inside out and has a selection of quality engineers at their fingertips.

You need an agency that will find the best candidates in the Middle East. They need to know specifically about the engineering industry and how it works. This knowledge can then be applied to the recruitment process and you will end up with the most relevant candidates.

There are a few things that you need to consider before you contact an engineering recruiter. You will need to think about is the type of service that you require. For example, are you looking to employ part time or full time engineers? If you want to employ an engineer on a contract placement only then you need to think about the length of time and the terms. On the other hand, you may be looking for a direct hire and require the agency to pick someone who will want to build a career with your company.

One of the things that you need to bear in mind is location, where are you looking to employ people? In the Middle East, there are some places that are better suited to engineering and therefore attract the best candidates. Some of the main engineering locations in the Middle East are places like:

• Abu Dhabi
• Saudi Arabia
• Iran
• Jordan
• Syria
• Kuwait

This article should help you to find an Engineer in the Middle East.

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